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Gary Bishop has been remodeling residential properties and office spaces at the Glass Tower in Canton, Ohio for over 15 years.  Several projects have emerged as being very unique, such as the Fifth Floor Project in the Glass Tower.

The most unique project o date, Scitrain was a custom suite.  The main concrete columns were wrapped in wire and spray foam to resemble live trees. 

All offices were trimmed out with millwork and cathedral office fronts.  Each individual
office used a different theme.  One office used legos, while others selected their own paneling which ranged from wood to brick.  Some of the walls in the conference rooms got hock and trowel texture as enhancements.  All the columns on Phase Two were covered with brick paneling.   The main office was decorated with quarter logs to look like a log cabin.  One-of-a-kind!

Verski was another project in the Glass Tower that was to be completed at night, but then Covid 19 hit and with all employees working from home, we were able to work days and complete the project in record time.  The bulkheads were built with all glass
walls and windows, very distinct.

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