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A commercial remodel can be an extensive project that many businesses choose to undertake instead of building an entirely new facility. A business that doesn't have the property to expand may choose a remodel to maximize the efficiency of the space they have available. This can be a lucrative move for a company that needs to grow but does not have the financial means to invest in a new location or building.


Just like a new build, a commercial remodel has several stages. In most cases, the following stages are used in a commercial remodel project:

  • Planning and design

  • Engineering and purchasing of materials

  • Structural repair and re-design

  • Rebuilding

  • Finish out process

  • Clean up and removal of debris

Companies that choose to undertake a commercial remodeling project need to hire a general contractor like MCR who has experience with this type of construction.


Unlike a new build, the framework already exists. We understand how to alter existing structures and maintain structural integrity. 

The complexity and duration of a remodel are greatly impacted by whether all or part of the building will remain occupied during construction. Working around employees, customers, students, etc. often involves multiple phases of moving people, furnishings, etc. Getting your design and our construction team in place early in planning where a building will remain occupied produces creative ideas on how to sequence demolition, renovations, utility relocations, etc.

A commercial remodeling project can take a simple structure and turn it into a glamorous showcase, depending on the desires and the budget of the client. 

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